Dr. Minor is the author of two recent popular books on modern US culture and one forthcoming book in 2007. Find out more about them here.

When Religion Is an Addiction

The new, eye-opening investigation by Dr. Minor
"The high of righteousness is the same as the high of cocaine," says popular psychological speaker Dr. John Bradshaw. Dr. Minor examines how a large portion of the right-wing uses religion the way an addict uses their addiction including its interest in politics today, shows how liberals have been enablers, and recommends new strategies to respond to religious addicts. The religious right-wing in the US is on a bender and its latest fix is political.

Scared Straight: Why It's So Hard to Accept Gay People and Why It's So Hard to Be Human

The popular, critically acclaimed book by Dr. Minor
A Lambda Literary Award and Independent Publisher Book Award Finalist for 2002 as well as a "Book of the Week" by www.menstuff.org, Scared Straight is an eye-opening and penetrating analysis of U.S. culture.

Gay and Healthy in a Sick Society: The Minor Details

The acclaimed collection by Dr. Minor based on his popular monthly column
A finalist for the Independent Publisher Book Award of 2004, named one of the "Best Gay Books of 2003," and "Book of the Week" by www.menstuff.org, Gay and Healthy in a Sick Society brings together many of Dr. Minor's most popular columns on self-image, coming out, sex, romance, politics, gender, men and women, and society.