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The Conclusions of a Progressive Democrat's Self-Reflection

Marianne WIlliamson   On June 3rd, voters in California’s 33rd Congressional District will have the chance to vote in their state primary for an independent candidate known internationally for her writing and speaking on spirituality, not her politics. Her work is so influential that six of her ten books were New York Times bestsellers and Time magazine included her with yoga and cabala as three things that “have been taken up by those seeking a relationship with God that is not strictly tethered to Christianity."
   Marianne Williamson, a life-long progressive Democrat running as an independent, will hear the usual complaints from true believer Democrats, saying it will ruin their chances to do whatever Democrats swear they will do while giving their usual excuses for not doing it.
   Running makes spiritual sense to her: “While many seekers have turned away from politics, viewing spiritual and political pursuits as mutually exclusive, I agree with Mahatma Gandhi that ‘Anyone who thinks religion doesn’t have anything to do with politics doesn’t understand religion.’ I don’t believe we can afford to be ‘selectively conscious,’ applying more enlightened principles to only some aspects of human endeavor.”
   In a March 11th radio interview with John Fugelsang, Williamson described her progressive history, decades of fidelity to the Democratic Party, and past support of the current president. But, as she puts it, today “progressives have a codependent relationship to the Democratic Party...."

Read more of this latest column and others.
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LJWorld.comDr. Minor on August 12, 2013, again responds to a
Lawrence Journal World "Faith Forum" question:
"Was Satan a Real Person?"

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Dr Minor speaking at ASU"Arguing About Families - Gay, Straight or Neither"

Dr. Minor's keynote address, "Arguing About Families - Gay, Straight or Neither," given at the Symposium "Legally Gay" at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University on March 9, 2012, is now available in print and online in the Law Journal for Social Justice.

"A lot of very bad arguments take place using the word 'family.' By that, I mean they are based in falsehoods about the history and psychology of families. They are steeped in very creative, and current-position-affirming mythology, and void of what we historians call data. And they are found in every sphere, from religion to politics to law...."

You can download the complete article here.

hectic childIf I Had Time to Read Only One Article This Week,
The Most Helpful One for My Work Would Be —

Zoe Williams: "George Lakoff: 'Conservatives don't follow the polls, they want to change them..Liberals do everything wrong'"
(February 1, 2014)
"The left, Lakoff argues, is losing the political argument – every year, it cedes more ground to the right, under the mistaken impression that this will bring everything closer to the centre....This is what he believes it would take to refashion the progressive mindset: the abandonment of argument by evidence in favour of argument by moral cause; the unswerving and unembarrassed articulation of what those morals are; the acceptance that there is no "middle" or third way, no such thing as a moderate (people can hold divergent views, conservative on some things, progressive on others – but they are not moderates, they are "biconceptual"); and the understanding that conservatives are not evil, unintelligent, cynical or grasping..."

Read Zoe Wlliams: "George Lakoff: 'Liberals Do Everything Wrong'"

NW PFLAG Leadership WorkshopThe Fairness Project On-Line Activist Tool Kit

The Fairness Project is in the process of making available the handout materials from Dr. Minor's popular workshop: "Being an Activist Without Being a Victim." These materials are chosen because they encourage activist leadership to proceed from a progressive, healing model which contradicts the models of leadership found in most popular forms, models that are meant to keep the system in place rather than to make changes that support humanity, and result in burnout among leaders.

To access the current materials in The Fairness Project Tool Kit for activist leaders, click here.

Dr. Minor on Love, Dating, and Relationships
A Column at 50
PlusPrime.comRelationship Collumn Logo

   An old piece of relationship advice begins this way:
   “If your brother sins, go and show him privately his fault. If he listens to you, you have won your brother over. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along, so that ‘every matter may be confirmed by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’”
   Even though that’s from the eighteenth chapter of the Christian Gospel of Matthew, I’ve known Christian clergy who don’t follow that wise advice. Instead they practice what many do in a variety of human relationships – triangulate.
   As a concept, triangulation originated in research and discussions about dysfunctional families. Parents might often complain to a child about their spouse, for example, bringing the child into the adults’ problem.
   But it applies quite often within numerous friendly, romantic, social, and business relationships. And it has helped bring down some very good organizations from churches to non-profits...

Read more in Dr. Minor's latest column: "Thou Shalt Not Triangulate"

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