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Stop Asking These Questions

Don't Ask the Wrong Questions    How does someone credibly answer the question: “Have you quit beating your spouse?” It's the classic example of a question being the problem.
    It's a setup. The issue is in the question itself, before there's an answer.
    Such questions are part of the milieu of all cultures. They're just there. They've been so often and continuously repeated that people waste energy answering them, without thinking about questioning the question.
    In a political climate such as ours, using the high level of expertise in public relations and propaganda that we've perfected has been crucial to the political/economic/military/religious right-wing for the last forty-some years in order to frame issues so that we're comfortable with questions that in themselves promote a right-wing agenda. It's been a successful and self-conscious long-term movement.
    It's included the vast investment by conservatives in think tanks within and outside universities, the creation of conservative scholars, and the implementation of a right-wing media machine infrastructure.....

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LJWorld.comDr. Minor on July 13, 2014, again responds to a
Lawrence Journal World "Faith Forum" question:
"What Is Your Opinion on People Getting Ordained
Online to Perform Weddings?

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hectic childIf I Had Time to Read Only One Article This Week,
The Most Helpful One for My Work Would Be —

Mark Karlin: "George Lakoff: In Politics,
Progressive Need to Frame Their Values'"
(November 23, 2014)
"An interview with Professor George Lakoff about his latest effort,The All New Don’t Think of an Elephant!, to convince progressives to 'frame' their political language and appeals based on deep-seated and active values. These are positions and actions that most of the public supports, but absent appropriate 'framing' often vote their fears instead of progressive beliefs. It is necessary to ground a nurturing politics for the common good and core values in language and a moral foundation that appeals - rhetorically and emotionally - to the better selves of voters...."

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NW PFLAG Leadership WorkshopThe Fairness Project On-Line Activist Tool Kit

The Fairness Project is in the process of making available the handout materials from Dr. Minor's popular workshop: "Being an Activist Without Being a Victim." These materials are chosen because they encourage activist leadership to proceed from a progressive, healing model which contradicts the models of leadership found in most popular forms, models that are meant to keep the system in place rather than to make changes that support humanity, and result in burnout among leaders.

To access the current materials in The Fairness Project Tool Kit for activist leaders, click here.

Dr. Minor on Love, Dating, and Relationships
A Column at 50
PlusPrime.comRelationship Collumn Logo

     "When the going gets too tough and a committed couple wants to maintain or even improve their relationship, one of their first thoughts is that the solution will be found in couples counseling. Usually this happens after a major fuss, or when something makes them feel as if it's the relationship's last straw.
     Actually, it's too bad it usually has to come to that. Counseling is such a good idea even when things aren't desperate.
     The desire to fix a relationship or even to make it better is, however, a common motivator. There are so many messages out there about what a good to great relationship should look like, many of them fantasies, that questioning the perfection of a relationship is widespread. And no relationship matches the images.
     But “relationship problems” are seldom rooted in the relationship itself. One of the fascinating things about being with someone is that the closer a relationship becomes, the more being in one brings up issues we either never knew were there or we'd prefer to deny...."

Read more in Dr. Minor's latest column: "Do We Need Counseiing?"

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